The Montessori Classroom

The Premier Child Education Programs in Calabasas, CA

Our approach at Montessori of Malibu Canyon is one that fosters a love of learning while also developing a child’s educational, social, and emotional skills. These child education programs in Calabasas, CA, help students build and strengthen the academic tools and personal independence they will rely on for later success in schooling and life. We are ready today to discuss enrolling your child in our preschool programs.

The Montessori Approach to Education

Our students benefit in a multitude of ways by participating in carefully structured activities that combine responsibility with practical, everyday skills. Your children will learn about caring for the environment and themselves through activities such as pouring liquids or sweeping the floor. 

We also use sensory objects, which allow children to move from the awareness of concrete objects to abstract concepts. This includes encouragement to use all their senses to explore the world. Students are allowed to indulge their natural curiosity while pursuing subjects such as chemistry. They are enriched through our music program and bloom as a result.

Our language program develops children’s communication skills by showing them how to put their thoughts and feelings into words. We focus on encoding and decoding, and the sequential progression from oral speech to writing and then reading. Additionally, we provide daily instruction in Mandarin, Farsi, French, and Spanish.

The reading enhancement program we offer builds nicely upon the skills your child acquires at Montessori of Malibu Canyon.

Math is made fun for the students as it progresses from basic operations to higher-level concepts. We want to ensure each student is firmly grounded in math so that he or she will be comfortable in the subject throughout life.